Moving money should only take you ten seconds.

We make sending remittances simple, secure and convenient. We always provide low fees and fair exchange rates, so your love-ones across the globe can get much more out of your money.
Our range of Remittances services are all dedicated to give you much more…

Bank-to-bank >>> Send money directly to a bank account or use the country-specific inter-bank network to credit into any bank account across the world.

Cash-Pick-up >>> The money you send can easily and securely be collected from one of outlets found, or choose Door-to-Door service that delivers the remittance to your love-ones right to their doorstep.

Our Services

Online Payment

For more than 20 years, global remit nurtures our partnerships with the leading financial institutions around the world— connecting our systems to each one of them, allowing us to transfer money around the world in seconds.

Import Banknotes currencies-

Global is one of the biggest market suppliers; with our global partners and alliance, we import banknotes from around the world, which involves obtaining foreign currency from various countries and bringing it into our domestic market for use or trade.

Cash Deposit

Anywhere and anytime, you can deposit your funds to your global account, whether it’s via our national coverage, bank accounts, or pick-up services.

Global Debit Card

Flexible is the game's name, and we’re here to win. You and your family can enjoy our global debit card; uploading your remit securely should only take a few seconds.

Opening Accounts

As Global represents several banks around the global, you can open foreign accounts with us in no time.

Currency Exchange

We exchange ₪1B annually, and this gives us tremendous leverage with an outstanding competitive rate; try us in one of our local networks!


Use one of our payout centers from your home to your loved ones.

Employer Payments Gate

Paying salary fast and on time shouldn’t be a chore— with us, the payout method is simplified. Our dynamic system will assist your employee to focus on their job and enjoy their salary faster, easier, and with more money in their wallet. 

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